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About Us

Short story of our company

In 1996, we have started with the distribution of BABA suites and Jeans. We have reduced the whole sale distribution and started the retail sale. When the financial recession aroused in 1999, in the retail sale arise a difficult in matching material sale, that is matching material available only 12 to 16 meter roles (take) or 50 pieces bundle. In the first choice is more investment required in the collection of more colours in mediam invested shop not affordable it.

The Second option is purchase the 50 piece bundle, in this bundle we get 50 pieces and also 50 colours. That means one bundle have only piece of one colour. The trending shades will go fast and there will be a huge collection of dead stocks, as going on resulting in heavy loss to us. We got a new idea of taking the rolls of different shades of colours, cutting in pieces and then provide number to each piece and then started distribution since 2001 with a new brand name of “Sonali”. Now we have our agencies in four districts with 340 satisfied customers and aim to spread our network allover Kerala.

Products and services

  • First time in India, from Pothanakuzhiyil Textiles you are getting blouse materials of reputed brands as one metre pieces with number on each piece, by this, with the help of our new software, we can identify the most sold shades and colors and thereby refill the sold stocks.
  • You will get each and every colors and shades of very expensive blouse materials in a very reasonable rate thus reducing the budget.
  • We refill our stocks each month so that you will get the latest shades every month.
  • With the help of our software, we clear all the dead stocks.
  • We assure there won’t repeat the non moving shades, for that we refill our stocks only by taking stocks.
  • 22 years Experience in Textile Field


NTC Terry Rubia


Our Strength

The very first time in India, we are launching a new technique to avoid the dead stock in the shops by introducing the number system of shades. We take rolls of different shades of colours, cutting in pieces and then provide number to each shade, by that, retailers can note the moving shades and can avoid the loss of dead stocks . Within the limited budget, you can enlarge your business by holding only moving colours and shades, thereby giving high value to the customer’s interests. We have a huge collection of over 700 shades, with that you can keep your shop with trending colours and shades ……

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