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About Us

Short story of our company

  • First time in India, from Pothanakuzhiyil Textiles you are getting blouse materials of reputed brands as one metre pieces with number on each piece, by this, with the help of our new software, we can identify the most sold shades and colors and thereby refill the sold stocks.
  • You will get each and every colors and shades of very expensive blouse materials in a very reasonable rate thus reducing the budget.
  • We refill our stocks each month so that you will get the latest shades every month.
  • With the help of our software, we clear all the dead stocks.
  • We assure there won’t repeat the non moving shades, for that we refill our stocks only by taking stocks.
  • 22 years Experience in Textile Field
  • Over 700 shades, guaranteed Color
  • We offer Door delivery also, if you don’t like the ordered item , we give you an option to reselect.
  • Door delivery rates are cheaper like those in Bangalore / Ernakulam.
  • We keep the register of each customer’s choice.

Pieces : HT x HT Terry Rubia NT x NT Terry Rubia, NT x NT Terry Rubia SST, 6214 NCT Terry Rubia (lining quality)

Rolls : 2 x 2 Semi, 2 x 2 Pure, HT x HT Terry Rubia, NT x NT Terry Rubia, 6214 NTC Terry Rubia (lining quality)